April 25 - 27, 2024 - Montreal, Canada

2024 International Conference on Climate Change and Health (2024I CCCH)

While the 2024 ICCCH may have concluded, our journey towards building a healthier, more resilient future continues.

Groundbreaking Research and Insights: Renowned experts shared groundbreaking research and insights on the multifaceted impacts of climate change on public health. From keynote addresses to panel discussions and interactive workshops, attendees gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities in addressing this urgent issue.

Objective Met: Fostering Collaboration and Action: The primary objective of the 2024 ICCCH was to foster collaboration and inspire action towards mitigating the health impacts of climate change. Through engaging sessions and networking opportunities, participants were empowered to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and develop innovative solutions to advance climate resilience and promote public health.

Key Messages Emphasized:

  • Urgency of Action: The conference emphasized the urgent need for collective action to address the escalating health risks posed by climate change, highlighting the critical role of policymakers, healthcare professionals, and communities in implementing effective mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  • Equity and Justice: Discussions highlighted the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable populations, emphasizing the importance of promoting equity, justice, and inclusivity in climate-related policies and interventions.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Presentations showcased the value of an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the complex nexus of climate change and health, emphasizing the importance of collaboration across sectors and disciplines.

Distinguished Presenters: The conference featured a diverse lineup of distinguished presenters, including experts from academia, government, NGOs, and the private sector. Their contributions enriched discussions and provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in addressing climate change and health.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers, and attendees for their invaluable contributions to the success of the 2024 ICCCH. Your passion, expertise, and commitment to advancing the discourse on climate change and health have truly made a difference.


John Austin, PhD
P.D. Merrill Endowed Chair
of Business
University of New England

Sarah Croxford
Senior Policy Advisor
Climate change legislation - NZ

Stephan Cote
Leadership Coach

DAndre Lacy
DJLinspires – Leadership

Justine Bassett, MS
change maker and design

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